Three things to do before your new portable chiller arrives.

You’ve done hours of research, met with vendors, compared pricing, and finally made a decision on the purchase of your chiller. Now that it’s been ordered all you have to do is wait for delivery, right?

Actually, there are three important things you should do while waiting for the arrival of your chiller.

1. Track Shipping & Communicate Any Changes

Ideally, the shipping and delivery details should be outlined and agreed upon at the time of your chiller purchase. It is important to remain in contact with your chiller manufacturer to make sure everything is on schedule and proceeding according to plan. The manufacturer should be contacting you with progress updates, but if they are not, don’t assume that ‘no news is good news’. If you don’t hear anything, you should be proactively contacting the manufacturer.

Be sure to inform your chiller manufacturer if there will be any changes on your end that will prevent you from taking delivery as scheduled. If you cannot accept delivery as scheduled, do not assume that your chiller manufacturer will be able to store your chiller until you are ready for it. Another thing to keep in mind is that the warranty clock begins running on the chiller components once it is delivered, whether you are using it or not. If you can, avoid wasting warranty coverage time by only taking delivery of your chiller when you are ready for it.

2. Make Plans for Unloading and Inspecting Your Chiller

It is very important to have a plan for unloading a large, heavy piece of equipment like an industrial chiller. Great care must be taken during the unloading process to make sure no damage occurs. Consider the size and weight of your chiller and be sure that your receiving area is set up to handle it. Some freight carriers will provide liftgate service for an additional fee if arrangements are made ahead of time. Liftgate service can be highly beneficial in making your delivery as quick and easy as possible when you don’t have a loading dock.If you do not have a lift truck, make arrangements to rent or borrow one if possible.

Ownership of your chiller likely transfers to you once it is loaded on the truck by the manufacturer. Since it is your property, take the time to fully inspect your chiller before the carrier’s truck leaves your property. This includes unboxing the chiller and inspecting it for damage. Take photos and make note of any areas of concern. If there appears to be significant damage you can refuse the shipment. Although it may seem like a lot of hassle, doing this will be much less complicated than trying to sort out problems after you’ve accepted delivery.

3. Prepare for the Installation and Start Up of Your Chiller

It is important to carefully consider the optimal placement and positioning of your chiller before it is delivered. Make sure your location provides adequate ventilation around the chiller. If your chiller design allows for outdoor installation, make sure that an adequate concrete pad is available to set the chiller on and that there is adequate space around the chiller for air flow and service. Most chillers with a top air discharge should have clear space above it. Consider protection from thieves, who might want to steal the valuable copper in the condenser and piping. A fence can be installed around the chiller to hide and secure it, as long as there is plenty of room for air flow.

During the buying process, your chiller manufacturer should have advised you on the selection of piping as well as the electrical configuration. Getting the electrical configuration right is essential since most chillers cannot be converted in the field. Mistakes could make the system difficult to service or in violation of code. Make sure well ahead of time that you have everything you need for installation.

Depending on your chiller purchase agreement, a manufacturer’s representative may be sent to assist with your system start up. You definitely want an experienced and knowledgeable equipment expert on hand in case any trouble-shooting is required. Fortunately, most chillers purchased from reputable suppliers have fully tested the unit at their facility prior to shipping it. At the time of start up, have the piping installer or an HVAC service company onsite or available if possible.

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