The new Sentra SR Series Temperature Control Unit from Advantage Engineering provides precise water temperature control in a broad variety of applications. This series features an improved pump design for optimal performance efficiency.

The Sentra SR units preheat to the required operating temperature by recirculating water through the process and activating the unit’s electric immersion heater. Upon reaching the necessary operating temperature, the unit can deliver further heat, or provide cooling to maintain strict temperature control.

Showing the new SR Series temperature control unit with panels on and panels off.

New SR configuration. Cabinet Style shown for Units up to 16 kW Heaters and Pumps to 3 HP.

Sentra SR Series Advantages

  • Up to 20% greater efficiency than previous models
  • Single piece casting with a built-in heater & suction tank
  • Technologically advanced control instrumentation
  • Available with Modbus TCP & OPC UA Euromap 82.1 Communications

Sentra SR Series Features

  • Across-process diagnostic pressure gauges
  • Low watt density, long-life heater
  • Compact electrical panel with hinged door for easy front access
  • Exclusive single piece, high efficiency, high flow pump, motor & tank
  • Exclusive precision controlled modulating AVTTM cooling valve (T & G series)
  • Stainless steel electrical cabinet & enclosure panels
  • Made in the USA

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