Compressor Sound Absorbing Covers

  • Insulated compressor sound covers are used extensively in the HVAC and industrial process cooling industries to control compressor noise.
  • Compressor Sound Absorbing Covers
  • Deluxe model compressor sound absorption covers installed on Advantage model Ti-80A central chiller with two tandem scroll compressors. Covers provided by Fabrication Services, Inc.
  • Fabrication Services, Inc (901-366-7500 is a provider of compressor sound absorption covers.
  • Features:
  • Absorbs airborne sound and noise energy
  • Dampens vibration and shock
  • Provides a barrier to air-borne energy
  • Isolates structural borne energy
  • Easy to cut fabricate and install
  • Weather resistant
  • Models:
  • "Durability"
  • The durability cover is a benchmark cover, used as the standard compressor cover by many OEMs. It is made from reinforced vinyl that is sewn around a 2.0 lb density fiberglass blanket. This cover offers good sound absorption at an economical price.
  • "Durability Plus"
  • This cover features the same construction as the durability cover but the added dimension of an extra layer of a 12 oz load barrier material for additional noise control.
  • "Deluxe"
  • When additional absorption control is needed, customers turn to the deluxe compressor cover which adds an extra absorbing to the durability plus cover. This cover has shown superior results with greater than a 12 dBA noise reduction in some applications.
  • "High Temp"
  • Use when severe conditions or excessive heat is an issue. The material in this cover consists of a quilted fiberglass fabric over a 1" thick fiberglass filter. This material is usable up to 500°F.
  • Compressor Sound Absorbing Covers

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