MODBUS™ RTU & MODBUS™ TCP/IP Communications & Components

  • Modbus™ is an industrial communication protocol developed in 1979 used to establish master slave/client server communication between intelligent devices. It is the most widely used network protocol in the industrial manufacturing environment.
  • Modbus™ TCP/IP (Ethernet) is the common transport protocol of the internet and Modbus™ TCP/IP can provide a reliable data transport mechanism between machines. Ethernet has become the standard of corporate enterprises and is becoming more common for factory networking. Using Ethernet TCP/IP in the factory allows true integration with the corporate intranet and systems that support the factory.
  • To learn more about Modbus™, visit their web site at
  • Advantage has implemented Modbus™ TCP/IP on several instruments. As shown below, left to right, Sentra Temptender, Sentra G, Sentra HE, Regal HE, Maximum HE and Multizone MZC-3 instruments. The physical connection is made using the standard RS-485 port.
  • Advantage Instruments that can be equipped with Modbus Communications
  • A circuit board is attached to the standard instrument to convert the ModbusTM RTU to ModbusTM TCP/IP. An industrial grade RJ45/IP67 connector is generally provided on the unit to easily connect to the plant network. A variety of connectors can be supplied to meet customer needs and facility standards.
  • The Modbus™ RTU and Modbus™ TCP/IP interface allows the instrument to communicate with a variety of devices including primary processing equipment controls, PLC's and many more. Modbus™ can communicate information including setpoint, retransmit of setpoint, actual temperature, deviation alarm, sensor failure and remote start / stop. (Remote start/stop is not available on Multizone MZC instruments.)
  • The Modbus™ TCP interface can be configured to any user IP/Subnet. Configuration is achieved using a utility program that runs on Windows™ based PC's.
  • Circuit Card
    Advantage instrument with Modbus͐2 TCP/IP
    add-on circuit board.
  • Circuit Card
    Close up view of the Modbus™ TCP/IP connection and circuit board.
  • Connection
    Example of industrial grade RJ45/IP67 port connection for Modbus™ TCP/IP network interface.
  • comm port
    RS-485 communications port used on Advantage instruments for SPI and Modbus™ RTU communications.
  • For more information about Modbus Communications and Components call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.
  • Modbus / TCP Register Definitions
  • Open Close Sentra Temptender, Sentra G and Sentra HE Instruments Modbus / TCP Register Definitions for Sentra Temptender, Sentra G and Sentra HE
  • Open Close Regal HE Instrument Modbus / TCP Register Definitions for Regal HE
  • Open Close Multizone III (MZC III) Instrument Modbus / TCP Register Definitions for Multizone III (MZC III) Instrument

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