What is the difference between an Industrial Chiller and a Commercial or HVAC (air-conditioning) Chiller?

Advantage manufacturers industrial chillers that provide value and features that may not be available from Commercial HVAC chiller manufactures. HVAC chillers are primarily used for air-conditioning…comfort cooling. Some Commercial HVAC chiller manufacturers offer features that are a standard on industrial chillers but are offered only as an optional add on to their products and at a significantly increased cost. If the buyer doesn’t know and understand the importance of these features they are often not offered.

Look here for specifications and pricing on Industrial Chillers.

Industrial Chiller Comparison
Shown on the left is a Titan Series Industial Chiller by Advantage. Shown on the right is a typical Commerical/HVAC chiller.

Here are some examples of differences between an Industrial Chiller and an HVAC chiller:

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