Representative Contact in Mississippi

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For Plastics processes, please contact :

  • Plastic Machinery, LLC.
  • Plastic Machinery, LLC.
  • Office Phone: 615-771-0014
  • Office Fax: 615-523-2430
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Contacts: Ken Spieth, Sam Shellabarger, Allen Reeves, Luke Miller, John Greer, Chuck Thiele
  • Direct Factory Support for this territory is provided by :
  • John Lindstrom
  • Phone: 317-887-0729 x2211
  • Email: Send Email to John Lindstrom
  • Contact This Regional Sales Manager

For Industrial processes, please contact :

  • Direct Factory Support for this territory is provided by :
  • Kip Kelly
  • Phone: 317-887-0729 x2236
  • Email: Send Email to Kip Kelly
  • Contact This Regional Sales Manager

For Die Casting processes, please contact :

  • R-Bet Sales
  • R-Bet Sales
  • Office Phone: 479-632-0875
  • Office Fax: 479-632-0876
  • Website:
  • Contacts: Ron Steininger, Ron Steininger Jr., Marvin Exum, Eric Justice
  • You may contact the factory directly or choose to contact the Advantage representative in your area. The Value of a local representative is:
  • Can review your application in person to confirm requirements.
  • Has valuable application experience and may be able to assist with local codes and unique requirements.
  • Can arrange local visits to see Advantage equipment in operation.
  • Can arrange for local installation contractors to handle a "turn-key" operation.
  • Can provide valuable water quality treatment resources.
  • Quick response.

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