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Configuring Modbus TCP Interface to Any IP/Subnet via the Lantronx Utility


The Modbus™ RTU and Modbus™ TCP/IP interface allows an Advantage control instrument to communicate with a variety of devices including primary processing equipment controls, PLC’s and many more.

Modbus™ can communicate information including setpoint, retransmit of setpoint, actual temperature, deviation alarm, sensor failure and remote start/stop.

The Modbus™ TCP interface can be configured to any user IP/Subnet. Configuration is achieved using a utility program that runs on WindowsTM based PC’s. Download at http://www.lantronix.com/products/deviceinstaller/.

The Modbus™ RTU and ModbusTM TCP/IP interface is available on these Advantage control Instruments:

  • Sentra G
  • Sentra G300
  • Sentra Temptender
  • Sentra T300
  • Regal G500
  • Regal T500
  • MG

Obtaining Software

  1. Download the Lantronics Device Installer from the following Internet address: http://www.lantronix.com/products/deviceinstaller/
  2. Open the Installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Changing the IP Address

  1. Configure your Advantage control Instrument as follows:
    • Protocol: MODBUS
    • Address: 1
    • Baud Rate: 9600
  2. Contact your IT department to obtain a separate, dedicated IP address for each Instrument configured. You will also need to know the correct Subnet mask to use, though this is most always
  3. Connect the device to your computer with a standard Ethernet cable
  4. Open the Lantronics Device Installer application
  5. In the Lantronics Device Installer, click Search until your device shows up in the menu on the left
  6. Select your device from the menu on the left and then click Assign IP
  7. If you’re prompted for the MAC Address, it can be found under Hardware Address or via the sticker on the back of the module itself
  8. Select Assign a Specific IP Address and then click Next
  9. Enter the IP Address you obtained from your IT department and then click Assign
  10. Wait for configuration to complete and then select Finish
  11. The device is now configured and is ready to use

Changing the Subnet Mask

  1. Open the Lantronics Device Installer
  2. Double-click your device. If a communication error occurs, wait 3 seconds and try again
  3. Select the Telnet Configuration tab
  4. Click the Connect button
  5. Press the Enter key to go into setup mode.
  6. Press the number 1 key
  7. Press the Enter key to bypass the IP address
  8. Press the Enter key to Set Gateway IP Address
  9. Press the letter Y key to Set Netmask and then input the desired value ( for example)
  10. Press the Enter key until the Table of Contents reappears
  11. Press the letter S to save
  12. Wait for the module to completely reset before you disconnect
  13. Wait for two steady green lights. No other lights should be on
  14. The module is now configured and is ready to use

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