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New Instruments & Legacy Instrument Compatibility


Use the Open Icon icon to open the columns below. Use Close Icon to close the columns.

Open the Sentra Instrument ColumnClose the Sentra Instrument ColumnSentra Instruments

  • Sentra G Series replaces Sentra LE
  • Sentra G-Series replaces Sentra LE
  • Sentra Temptender replaces Sentra HE
  • Sentra Temptender replaces Sentra HE
  • Sentra G300 has no legacy model
  • Sentra G300 has no legacy
  • Sentra T300 replaces Sentra 300°
  • Sentra T300 replaces Sentra 300

Open the Regal Instrument ColumnClose the Regal Instrument ColumnRegal Instruments

  • Regal G has no legacy model
  • Regal G-Series has no legacy
  • Regal Temptender replaced Regal HE
  • Regal T-Series replaces Regal HE
  • No new instrumennts for Regal LE & 400°
  • No New Instruments for Regal LE and 400

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