Aquavar CPC Pump Variable Speed Drive Instructions to Setup Two or More Communicating Drives

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Open Step OneClose Step OneStep 1

Aquavar Controller Board
Recommended 22 AWG shielded cable.

Open Step TwoClose Step TwoStep 2
  • Aquavar Controller
  • On the Keypad of the first drive ... Go to:
  • Menu
  • Parameters
  • Group 11
  • Parameter 1102 (Application Macro)
  • Change to: Multicontrol
Open Step ThreeClose Step ThreeStep 3

Repeat Step 2 on the second drive.

Open Step FourClose Step FourStep 4
  • On the second drive:
  • Exit out to Groups
  • Go to Group 22
  • Parameter 2207 (Pump Address)
  • Change Value to: 2
Open NotesClose NotesNotes
  • Repeat Steps 3 & 4 for (up to 2) drives as needed.
  • These simple instructions are in addition to the basic wiring and programming used for setting up individual drives.
  • For expanded detail Aquavar CPC setup and capabilities, refer to IM167, Aquavar CPC instruction and operation manual.
  • Information provided by Xylem. Click for more information
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