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  • voltage monitor
  • How It Works
  • At power up, the ICM 450 evaluates the incoming power for proper phase, amplitude and symmetry (voltage imbalance).
  • If the phase input at the line side connections is within user-set parameters, the load energize LED is turned on and the internal relay is energized.
  • If a critical fault condition exists (phase loss or phase reversal) the ICM 450 will immediately de-energize.
  • If a non critical fault exists (imbalanced, high or low voltage) the ICM 450 ignores the issue and writes a note to memory.
  • Programmable 3 phase line voltage monitor with 25 fault memory, high temperature LCD display, easy setup & clear, diagnostic readout of system faults.
  • The ICM 450 (a UL listed component) is designed to protect motors and other 3 phase equipment from premature failure and damage from imbalanced, over/under voltage, phase lose, reversal, incorrect sequencing and rapid short cycling.
  • The ICM 450 phase monitoring can be installed in most Advantage equipment using three phase power, including central cooling and some portable equipment where panel space is available.
  • Advantage installs the ICM monitor on the incoming power supply protecting all system motors. For example, a 3-circuit Titan central chiller with three compressors, process, evaporator and standby pumps needs only one ICM 450 monitor to protect all 6 motors. Load side monitoring can be done as well but requires an ICM 450 three phase monitor for each motor.
  • Features
  • Programmable - 25 fault memory storage
  • High temperature LCD to 167°F
  • 190-600 VAC operation
  • Simultaneous voltage display - no scrolling
  • Line voltage programmable
  • Reset - auto or manual
  • 7-step pushbutton setup
  • Monitors: Voltage imbalance, high/low voltage, phase loss, reversal, incorrect sequencing, rapid short cycling
  • UL and CSA for building code compliance
  • Fully adjustable variables
  • Line voltage
  • Voltage imbalance
  • Delay on break period
  • Fault interrogation
  • Over/under voltage
  • Reset and control modes

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