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Optional Four Year Extended Compressor Warranty Procedure

  • Typical Scroll Compressor used on Advantage portable and central water chillers.
  • General Statement:
  • Extended compressor warranty coverage obligates Advantage Engineering, Inc. to exchange, (FOB) the factory, the compressor with a comparable compressor with equal capacity.
  • The extended warranty covers years 2-5 after initial shipment or invoicing of the original product, whichever occurs first.
  • Advantage Engineering assumes no responsibility for accessories, labor, or freight to or from the factory.
  • The extended compressor warranty is void when failure is caused by water in the system due to evaporator freeze-up and rupture.
  • Advantage Engineering reserves the right to replace in warranty defective parts from its factory.
  • Any unauthorized substitution of Advantage factory parts voids the Optional Extended Compressor Warranty.
  • Optional Extended Compressor Warranties must be purchased prior to shipment.
  • Optional Extended Compressor Warranty Procedure Details:
  • All extended warranty compressors are processed through the Advantage Engineering Factory.
  • The chiller model and serial number along with a photo of the compressor data tag are required to verify warranty status.
  • Advantage service personnel will advise whether the defective compressor is to be returned.
  • When return of the defective compressor is required:
  • A purchase order for the list price of the new compressor will be issued to Advantage.
  • A Billing for the cost of the compressor will be issued.
  • The defective compressor must be returned pre-paid and within 30 days of the replacement compressor shipment.
  • When the defective compressor is received and verified by Advantage a credit for the billing created in Step 2 above will be issued.
  • Any questions pertaining to Extended Compressors Warranties are to be directed to Advantage Customer service.

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