Monitor Up To 12 Advantage Sentra Temperature Control Units with Advantage Electronics XK Monitoring System

  • temperature control unit
  • System Capabilities:
  • Monitor and control up to 12 Sentra HE temperature control units from a single touch screen interface.
  • Adjust set points.
  • View actual temperatures.
  • Monitor machine status and alarms.
  • Turn on and off individual units.
  • System Requirements:
  • Advantage Sentra SK temperature control units with HE control instrument equipped with Modbus RTU.
  • Communication cable running from XK Monitor to RS-485 connector on SK-HE control instrument.
  • A110/1/60 power supply.
  • System Consists Of:
  • 8" Touch Screen Display mounted in a 12" x 10" x 6" NEMA fiberglass enclosure.
  • Communication cable configured as required for your project.
  • Typical Screen Shots
  • XK Monitor Screen Shot showing temperatures and pump and alarm indicators
  • XK Monitor Screen Shot showing System configuration
  • XK Monitor Screen Shot showing Process status and machine status
  • XK Monitor Screen Shot showing other temperatures and indicators
  • temperature control unit
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