BTU Calculator & BTU Formulas For Water Circulating Heat Transfer

A BTU is an abbreviation for British Thermal Unit, which is the amount of energy required to raise 1 pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit at sea level. A BTU is a relatively small amount of energy... about equivalent to the heat generated by striking 1 stick match.

You can calculate BTU heating or cooling requirements for your process by understanding your application. Some common BTU calculating formulas are shown below.

Weighed Water TestMeasure the flow of water through your process by timing how long it takes to fill a known volume container. For example, allow your process water to fill a 5-gallon container. Accurately measure the water temperature entering and exiting your process. Use this formula to calculate BTU cooling required:


BTU = Flow Rate In GPM (of water) x (Temperature Leaving Process - Temperature Entering Process) x 500.4*Formula changes with fluids others than straight water.

BTU Calculator for Weighed Water Test

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  • Water Flow Rate In Gallons Per Minute
  • °F
  • Inlet Water Temperature To Process
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  • Outlet Water Temperature From Process
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  • General Rules of Thumb
  • Hydraulic Cooling For Injection Molding Press
  • BTU/hr = Motor Horsepower x 1,500
  • Hydraulic Cooling For Stamping Press
  • BTU/hr = Motor Horsepower x 1,200
  • Grinder Cooling
  • BTU/hr = Motor Horsepower x 2,400
  • Air Compressor Cooling with After Cooler
  • BTU/hr = Compressor Horsepower x 3,000
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  • Formulas for Plastics Processes
  • Formulas for Plastics Processing
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  • Formulas for Industrial Processes
  • Formulas for Indsutrial Processing
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