5 Ways To Minimize Water Use & Operating Expense in Cooling Towers

  • Water and energy costs are rising and water conservation is a good environmental strategy.
  • If your process cooling system is an evaporative cooling tower system, it relies on water evaporation for cooling.
  • What can you do to save water and energy?
  • 1. Turn the water set point up and keep it up at 85°F to 95°F.
  • A higher set point will require less water evaporation.
  • 2. Reduce water bleed off by refining your water treatment program to run higher cycles of concentration.
  • Work with your local chemical treatment expert or look into a non-chemical system such as those manufactured by industry leaders Nexteq (phone: 440-338-3175) that will reduce water consumption.
  • 3. Talk to your municipal water department about 'net water used' billing.
  • Water company billing often includes water and sewer charges. The sewer charge is often based on discharging the same amount of water as is supplied yet with a cooling tower system the water sent to sewer is far less due to evaporation. Work with your water company to put a meter on the discharge so that you are only charged for the water used and actual water discharged.
  • 4. Add a variable speed drive to your tower fan motor.
  • Slowing the RPM just 5% can save 15% on energy costs. A variable speed drive provides lower energy costs and better performance compared to simply turning a fan on and off based on temperature.
  • 5. Add a variable speed drive to your process pump motor.
  • Always maintain a constant pressure and flow to deliver just the water you need a process. When your tower water is cooler, less flow is required to your process and you save energy.
  • Advantage 540 ton cooling towerAdvantage 540 ton cooling tower system.
  • Non-chemical water treatment used on Advantage pump tank station.Non-chemical water treatment used on Advantage pump tank station.
  • Typical Variable Speed Drives application on Advantage pump station.Typical Variable Speed Drives application on Advantage pump station.
  • Typical Variable Speed Drive Unit.
    Typical Variable Speed Drive Unit.

For more information on reducing water and energy costs call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.

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