Multi Zone Control (MZC III) Zone Board Calibration

  • The calibration of the Multizone Control (MZC III) zone board is simple and straightforward.
  • Typical Zone Boards configuration
  • Typical placement of Zone Control boards in central water chillers.
  • Notes :
  • Each probe circuit has a single point calibration potentiometer.
  • The procedure is to know the fluid temperature that the probe is in and adjust its pot to reflect that temperature.
  • Calibration can be accomplished by turning the chilled water set point up so that all compressors are off.
  • Then, place the sensor from a known temperature measurement device into the chiller tank and use this temperature to calibrate the probes following the procedures in steps 2-4 below.
  • An ice bath as the known temperature also works well by calibrating to a spare probe, if you have one. The probes are interchangeable to +/- 1.2°F.
  • How To :
  • In the upper left hand corner of the zone board you will find (2) multi turn pots.
  • The left one (labeled CALPOT) calibrates the Evaporator In probe (Ei1 on the MZC III instrument display).
  • The right one (labeled CALPOT 1) calibrates the Evaporator Out probe (Eo1 on the MZC III instrument display).
  • To calibrate the Zone 1 probes, from the MZC III display, press the Zone button until the 'Zone 1" LED light is flashing.
  • Then press Select until 'Ei1' is displayed. Use a small, non conductive screw driver to adjust the calibration screw on the multi turn pot until the display's temperature matches your known calibration temperature.
  • Make adjustments slowly! The temperature value is averaged over time and there is a small communication lag due to the scanning process within the MZC III instrument.
  • Once the Ei1 probe is calibrate, press Select until 'Eo1' is displayed and repeat the procedure.
  • Repeat these steps until all probes in all zones are calibrated.

For more information about MZC III controller and zone board calibration call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.

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