• Three Phase Motor Protector Power Monitor
  • How It Works
  • By continuously measuring the incoming line voltage, this monitor will detect voltage outside the tolerances that are set. Each of the three-line voltage pairs are checked for voltage level and phase-to-phase balance.
  • If the limits set are exceeded, the response timer begins counting. If the voltage remains outside the tolerance after the response time has elapsed, the DTP-3 will turn off its output relay which shuts down the machine and protects the three-phase devices.
  • You also have the flexibility to set the response timer - a short time may be desired for a quick response or long time may be desired to avoid nuisance tripping.
  • While the output is off, a delay timer is activated to avoid rapid re-starts.
  • Where & Why
  • The DTP-3 Three Phase Motor Protector is an automatic voltage monitor and control for three-phase power equipment. It prevents costly component failure that can occur when incoming three-phase power surges, sages or drops a phase.
  • The DTP-3 voltage monitor can be installed in most Advantage equipment that uses three-phase power. The monitor takes up minimal panel space (5"H x 9"W) so it can be easily installed in most central cooling equipment and some portable equipment.
  • Advantage installs the DTP-3 to monitor the main incoming power supply protecting all the three-phase devices in the machine. For example, a 3-circuit Titan chiller with process, evaporator and standby pumps need only one CTP-3 monitor, yet it protects all 6 motors.
  • Key Features
  • Digital Voltmeter displays instantaneous line voltage for all 3 phase pairs.
  • Automatic Voltage Tester adjusts from 160-600 volts.
  • Adjustable Response Timer (.1 to 20 seconds) prevents nuisance tripping.
  • Digital Display makes for easy viewing and operation.
  • Fault Memory records up to 25 fault causes.

For more information about three phase motor protector and power monitor call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.

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