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Checkmate System Control Instruments


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  • Open Close 1 Traditional Pump / Fan Control
  • On / Off Switch
  • Running Light
  • Overload Light
  • Open Close 2 New Top Operator™ Pump / Fan Control
  • Combines 3 traditional pieces to 1
  • On/Off or On/Off/Auto Switch
  • Running Light
  • Overload Light
  • Allows for On/Off/Auto configuration
  • Can be controlled by
  • Advantage Checkmate Control System
  • Any programmable Controller (PLC)
  • Allows for manual override
  • Open Close 3 New Checkmate Dispatcher Board
  • Receives signal from Director Board
  • Routes signal to fan or pump starter
  • Exchanges information between Top Operators™
  • Open Close 4 User Interface
  • Set desired process temperatures
  • Routes signal to fan or pump starter
  • View actual temperature and alarm status
  • Open Close 5 New Checkmate Controller Board
  • Receives temperature input
  • Exchanges information to and from Director Boards
  • Exchanges information to and from Checkmate display
  • Open Close 6 New Checkmate Director Boards
  • Receives temperature input
  • Controls up to 4 motors
  • Tower fans
  • Tower pumps
  • Standby pump
  • Future expansion possible with additional boards

For more information about Checkmate Control Instrument call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.

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