Brazed Plate or Shell & Tube Evaporators

  • Evaporators commonly used on Advantage process chillers
    Above: Brazed plate evaporator. Below: Shell & Tube evaporator.

  • Two styles of evaporators are commonly used in Advantage process liquid chillers. The evaporator is where the process water is cooled during the refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger portion of the chilling cycle.
  • Brazed Plate Evaporators are used in most Advantage portable liquid chillers and smaller central liquid chillers. Their space efficient shape and high efficiency allows for compact machine design. The non-ferrous construction eliminates rusting and alternating plate design makes the brazed plate evaporator less susceptible to freeze damage when compared with shell and tube evaporators.
  • Shell & Tube Evaporators are physically larger and heavier than brazed plate evaporators but are more tolerant of fluid contaminants.
  • Comparison of Brazed Plate and Shell & Tube Evaporators
  • Brazed Plate : Stainless plates with copper brazing material
  • Shell & Tube : Carbon steel shell with copper tubes and baffle plates.
  • Brazed Plate : Alternating plates
  • Shell & Tube : Shell
  • Brazed Plate : Alternating plates
  • Shell & Tube : Tubes

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