Recommending and Selecting a Pump

Process Pump for Sentra tempterature control Units

Selecting a pump for process flow is critical for effective heat transfer and for getting the most out of Advantage equipment.

  • To optimize system performance, systems should be designed with a low pressure drop in the flow delivery system so that adequate pressure is available to deliver high flow and turbulent conditions in the process.
  • This is accomplished in practice by having properly sized delivery piping systems that keep water velocities between 5 and 7 feet per second and pressure losses to less than 3 psi per 100' of run.
  • It is also important to minimize the use of unnecessary tees, elbows, valves, and other high pressure drop causing components such as quick connect fittings.
  • Laminar and turbulent flow conditions can exist in a process. It is important for heat transfer that turbulent flow exist through the process while laminar flow is acceptable and desirable in the delivery system. See FYI #156 for more information on Turbulent and Laminar flow.
  • System Performance Curves
    Example: a mold has ten (10) 3/8" ins/outs. To be turbulent, each 3/8" in/out should have 2.5 gpm. Therefore, 25 gpm is required. A 3/4 HP pump (like in an SK-1035LE) rated for 35 gpm is the correct machine for this application.
  • Turbulent Flow Chart
    This chart can be used to help estimate the water flow rate required for a process in order to obtain turbulent flow conditions which promotes heat transfer.

For more information about Recommending and Selecting a Pump call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.

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