Copeland Scroll Compressors

  • Scoll compressor
  • Copeland Scroll compressors are used on most Advantage portable and central water chillers, from 3 to 90 tons, air cooled and water cooled units.
  • Copeland Scroll compressors have several benefits over other types of compressors. Scroll Compressors...
  • Have only three moving parts. Fewer moving parts mean increased reliability. By comparison, piston compressors have up to nine moving parts per cylinder. Benefit: fewer maintenance calls.
  • Do not use complex internal suction and discharge valves. Because of this, scroll compressors are more tolerant to liquid refrigerant and debris. Benefit: durability.
  • Are more efficient over their entire operating range, thanks to less cycling and 100% volumetric efficiency. Benefit: higher efficiency.
  • Are compact in overall size, are light weight, and are simple in design. Benefit: easy service and maintenance.
  • Operate at a lower sound and vibration levels. Benefit: quiet operation.
  • Operational sequence of Scroll Compressors
  • image1. Refrigerant enters outer opening as one scroll orbits the other.
  • image2. The open passage is sealed and refrigerant is drawninto the compression chamber.
  • image3. As one scroll continue orbiting, the refrigerant is compressed into an increasingly smaller, crescent-shaped pocket.
  • image4. By the time the refrigerant reaches a central port in the stationary scroll, it has achieved maximum (discharge) pressure.
  • image5. During actual operation, all passages are in various stages of compression at all times, resulting in near-continuous intake and discharge for optimum performance.

For more information about Scroll Compressors call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.

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