Automatic Water Make-Up System for Tough Tanks™

  • Automatic Water Make Up System
  • The electric automatic water make-up system is a simple and highly functional and reliable design.
  • The system has two components, the make-up solenoid valve and the float level switch.
  • The Float Level Switch is mounted on the control cabinet (if purchased) and monitors the water level in the reservoir.
  • If the water level falls below the float, the Make-Up Solenoid opens, allowing water from the plannt's supply source to flow into the reservoir.
  • The solenoid stays open until the water level inside the reservoir rises to the float switch level.
  • The electric automatic water make-up system is available on Advantage pump tank stations and central chillers using the Tough Tank ™ brand polyethylene reservoir.

For more information about water make-up for process cooling systems call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.

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