Instrumentation Packages for the MLS In-Line Filter

  • MLS inline filter with optional instrumentation packages
  • The optional PDA & ATF Instrumentation Packages are available for these models:
  • MLS-2
  • MLS-3
  • MLS-4
  • MLS-6
  • MLS-8
  • MLS-10 (1½ flush port)
  • Pressure Differential Alarm Package (Part# PDA)
  • The PDA package continuously monitors the inlet and outlet system pressure.
  • When the filter screen becomes dirty, a switch-gauge triggers an audible siren and visual flashing alarm.
  • These alarms are intended to alert maintenance personnel that the strainer screen needs to be removed from the strainer housing for manual cleaning.
  • Automatic Timer Flush Package (Part# ATF)
  • The ATF valve package insures that the particulate that falls down to the debris reservoir is automatically flushed.
  • The power supply and time controls for the valve package are housed inside the watertight PDA controller box.
  • Depending on the application, the end-user simply dials in the flush frequency and flush duration of the valve.
  • Based on the parameters that are programmed, the ball valve quickly opens and closes, minimizing the volume of water that is flushed from the strainer.

For more information about In-line filters and process cooling systems call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.

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