Johnson Controls Multiple Stage Thermostat System for Pump Tank and Pumping Systems

  • Pictured below is the A350 multi-stage electronic temperature control system thermostat manufactured by Johnson Controls.
  • Applications
  • Factory installations of the A350 include chilled water and tower water systems.
  • Field Installation
  • The A350 can also be field installed for single unit replacement of manual thermostats used on tower applications.
  • It is approved for use on UL listed panels.
  • The A350 consists of an analog set point module, power module, digital display module, and up to 9 staging modules. There is a 2°F minimum differential between staging modules.
  • The assembly is DIN rail mounted on the electrical panel. The assembly pictured on this page is from a PTS-800 system and operates the tower pump, tower fan and alarm.
  • The staging modules activate at an adjustable offset from a common setpoint. The differential between "on" and "off" can also be adjusted on each module.
  • Typical Settings
  • Tower Pump: offset 0°F
  • Tower Fan: offset 5°F
  • Tower Fan: differential 7°F
  • Alarm: offset 20°F
  • Setpoint: 80°F
  • A350 Multi-staged controller
  • Image

For more information on multiple stage thermostat system for pump tank stations and pumping systems call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.

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