Mold Purge Operation : Temperature Control Units

  • Advantage supplies an optional MOLD PURGE kit for Sentra temperature control units.
  • The mold purge kit contains several solenoid valves and check valves.
  • When activated and supplied with compressed air, the mold purge kit will expel process water from the mold to the central water supply or drain.
  • Advantage mold purge kits are supplied as a factory installed option or a field retrofitted kit.
  • Typical Mold Purge Operation

  • Stop the pump, maintain electrical power to unit.
  • Close the water supply ball valve.
  • Connect a regulated air supply to mold purge compressed air connection.
  • Note: air supply should be regulated approximately 10 PSI above drain line pressure.
  • Activate mold purge with button located on electrical cabinet.
  • When water is purged disconnect air supply.
  • Depress and hold vent button (approximately 30 seconds to release air pressure.
  • Disconnect power to unit.
  • Mold Purge for Temperature Control Units

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