Typical Piping For Remote Air-Cooled Condenser with a Dual Pump Spilt System

Remote Air-Cooled Condenser Installation Diagram

  • *Items are field supplied
  • Notes
  • Hot gas lines shoulc rise above refrigerant level in condenser circuit.
  • Trap should be installed on hot gas lines to prevent condenser oil and refrigerent vapor migration from accumulating on the compressor heads during off cycle.
  • Refer to Carrier System Design Manual, part 3 for proper piping sizes and design.
  • For piping lengths greater than 50', provide support to liquid and gas lines near the connections to the coil.

This drawing is supplied to demonstrate a possible piping configuration. The drawing is general in nature and is not intended to be all inclusive of every detail that might be required for your specific location and installation. Advantage accepts no responsibility for piping and any other component supplied or installed by others.

For more information about the installation of remote air-cooled condensers
call the Advantage Service Department at 317-887-0729.

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