Proper Cleaning Procedure for the Brazed Plate Evaporator

  • The brazed plate evaporator is made of stamped stainless steel plates, furnace brazed together with copper based joints.
  • Evaporator
  • The complex geometry of the flow passages promotes turbulent flow which gives high efficiency and reduces fouling by mineral deposits.
  • Large solids (plastic pellets, chunks of mineral deposits etc.) will collect at the water inlet port or the evaporator and restrict flow through some of the passages.
  • If this possibility exists, the factory recommends filters or strainers to installed in the from process line.
  • If the evaporator becomes fouled there are several methods for cleaning the evaporator.
  • If there are mineral deposits adhered to the plates, the evaporator must be backflushed with a mild acid solution (5% phosphoric, or5% oxalic acid is recommended.
  • Evaporator in Reservoir
  • Backflush graphic
  • Backflushing Procedure
  • Please note : This procedure is not normal maintenance. Maintaining proper water qualitly and filtration will minimize the need to backflush the evaporator.
  • Turn off all power to the machine.
  • For water chillers with a reservoir tank, drain tank to below the evaporator outlet. For water chillers without a reservoir tank, drain total unit.
  • Remove the piping to the water in port at the evaporator, if there are solids at the inlet remove them.
  • Connect a water supply hose to the evaporator water outlet.
  • If acid cleaning, connect the discharge hose from the acid pump to the evaporator outlet port.
  • Connect a hose to the evaporator water supply port and to an appropriate containment vessel.
  • If acid cleaning, connect the evaporator water inlet port to an acid solution reservoir tank. Dispose of all backflush water according to local codes.
  • Your water supply source should have at least 20 psi available.
  • If acid cleaning, follow the instructions supplied with the acid solution carefully.
  • After cleaning, rinse with clear water before returning to service.
  • Once finished, reinstall all water line to original factory orientation.
  • Restart the unit and check for proper operation.

For more information about cleaning and backflushing the brazed plate evaporator call the Advantage Service Department at 317-887-0729.

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