Standard and Reverse Flow Water Chillers

  • Overview
  • Determing the correcct style of chiller flow circuit is just as important as matching chilling capacity to a given process.
  • The following explains the major differences between the two types of flow circuits.
  • Standard Flow Chillers:
  • Standard flow chiller
  • Advantage standard flow chillers are intended to be used on closed loop processes, such as molds, rolls, dies, coils, etc.
  • Water returning to the chiller is dependant on flow generated initially by the chiller process pump.
  • If the loop is open to the atmosphere at any point, such as an extrusion trough, overflow will always result.
  • Reverse Flow Chillers:
  • Reverse flow chiller
  • Advantage reverse flow chillers are designed specifically for open circuit processes.
  • Notice that the flow circui remains basically the same but the process acts as the chiller's reservoir and gravity returns water to the pump suction.
  • System water make-up and level control is accomplished externally at the process since the chiller contains no reservoir.
  • A reverse flow chiller is identified by an "R" in the model number. For example: M1-10A-R
  • Turn on and off individual units.

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