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Water Quality

The following are guidelines specific to Advantage chillers with an internal circulation pump and fluid reservoirs.

Long term performance of your chiller will be adversely affect by poor water conditions. The three major problems water treatment must address are:


  • Scaling of the heat transfer surfaces due to minerals can be minimized by proper treatment and filtering of the make-up water.
  • A good quality of water must be used.
  • Although not mandatory, distilled water would be an excellent choice for filling the system.
The recommended purity levels are:
Chlorides25 ppm max
Sulfates25 ppm max
Calcium50 ppm max
Magnesium50 ppm max
PH level8 to 10
scale desposits


  • Corrosion is usually the result of acidic water (improper PH control). This can be controlled by proper chemical treatment.
scale desposits


  • Algae (organism growth) can be controlled by the proper use of chemical treatment.

Lack of as well as improper water treatment can damage to your equipment.

  • The equipment owner is responsible to prevent equipment damage from foreign material or inadequate water treatment.
  • The services of a competent water treatment specialist should be obtained and his recommendations followed.
  • For small systems, a local swimming pool supply is an excellent source of analysis service and chemical supplies.
  • An alternative is the addition of 20% inhibited propylene glycol. This will inhibit corrosion, algae growth and prevent accidental freeze ups.

Sources For Inhibited Propylene Glycol

  • Therminol FS : Monsanto Chemical 1-800-459-2665
  • Dowfrost : Dow Chemical 1-800-447-4369
  • Small quantities of Dowfrost can be purchased from Advantage Engineering.

Freezing Points for Propylene Glycol and Water Solutions

  • 0% Glycol with 100% Water
  • 10% Glycol with 90% Water
  • 20% Glycol with 80% Water
  • 30% Glycol with 70% Water
  • 40% Glycol with 60% Water
  • 50% Glycol with 50% Water
  • 60% Glycol with 40% Water
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