Vacuum Breaker Diagram Vacuum Breaker Diagram

Typical Vacuum Breaker & Anti-siphon System

Vacuum Breaker Diagram Vacuum Breaker Diagram
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  • Installation Notes
  • The purpose of the vacuum breaker / anti-siphon system (also called a drain back dam) is to retain water in the header system during shut down and to eliminate air purge and shock to plumbing during start up.
  • It is necessary to duplicate this arrangement on both the supply and return lines.
  • The drain-down valve allows header draining for system maintenance and is closed during normal operation.
  • The vacuum breaker must be located a the highest point in the system nearest to the tank to be most effective. A nipple length of 8 inches minimum is required to create sufficient vacuum to open the Cash Acme breaker valve.
  • This drawing is supplied to demonstrate a possible piping configuration for the equipment and is general in nature showing pipe sizes and basic routing>
  • It is not intended to be inclusive of every detail required for specific location and installation.
  • Consult with a professional engineer to determine specific needs before installation.
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