Temperature Control Unit | 10kW 100 GPM | SK-1665-T
Made In the USA

Temperature Control Unit : Water

Model: SK-1665-T

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Temperature Control Units

  • Water temperature control units circulate temperature stabilized water through the process for process temperature control.
  • The temperature control range of this unit is 32°F - 250°F.
  • A pump circulates water through the process. A heater and a cooling valve work together to control the water temperature.
  • This temperature control unit requires a plant water supply source.
  • Advantage temperature control units are portable, built on casters to easily move the unit between processes.
  • Units are available with a variety of different control instruments, heater sizes, cooling valves and physical packages.
Water Temperature Controller with Temptender Series Instrument
Sentra with Temptender Series Instrument

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