Temperature Control Unit : Oil Unit

Model: RK-2460HCA

  • Oil temperature control units circulate oil through the process and are used for applications were the required temperature ranges from 100° to 400°F. (Up to 500° with optional controller)
  • These units use a high flow pump to circulate high temperature oil through the process. A heater elevates the temperature of the oil. Cooling is provided through the use of an optional heat exchanger.
  • Units are available with a variety of control instruments, heaters sizes, cooling heat exchanger sizes, and physical packages.
  • This model is equipped with a high temperature air-cooled heat exchanger to provide process cooling. A fan exhausts the process heat to the ambient air.
  • This temperature control unit has a 24 kW heater with a 3 HP centrifugal pump providing 60 GPM to the process.
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Regal Series Air-Cooled High Temperature Oil Unit
Model RK-2460HCA shown.

Image shown is typical. Actual unit appearance will vary according to specifications and options.
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