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Pump Tank Station

Model: TTK-400

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Pump Tank Stations

  • The Tough Tank® system is the revolutionary new design for pump tank systems, merging the non ferrous features of our patented polyethylene reservoir with the standard Advantage pumping system.
  • Tough Tank® is offered for Tower & Chilled Water systems. Tower systems are accommodated to 1000 tons and chilled water systems up to 600 tons.
  • All types of Industrial Applications can benefit from using the TTK Series pump tank station for plant wide water distribution. These include most Plastic molding processes, Diecasting, Dry Cleaning, Food Service and others.
  • Advantage offers TOUGH TANK® systems in capacities from 400 to 3000 gallon capacities.
Pump Tank Station with Polyethylene Reservoir by Advantage
TTK-400 shown.

Image shown is typical and shown with several installed options. Actual unit appearance will vary according to specifications and options.

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