Water Chiller Remote Air-Cooled Condenser 5 Tons
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Water Chiller with Remote Condenser : 5 Tons

Model: M1D-5A-RC

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Portable Chillers

  • M1 Series of portable water chillers are refrigeration systems used to cool fluids in support of industrial process cooling applications.
  • Water chillers include an internal pumping system and reservoir.
  • The chilling unit is placed inside the production facility while the remote air-cooled condenser is placed outside the production facility. Refrigerant piping is installed from the chilling unit to the remote air-cooled condenser. The process water lines are installed inside the facility.
Water Chiller With Remote Air-Cooled Condenser : 5 Tons
M1D-5A-RC shown with
remote air-cooled condenser.

Image shown is typical. Actual unit appearance will vary according to specifications and options.

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