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Air Inlet Louver Retaining System for Power Tower Cooling Towers

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ADVANTAGE Power Tower® cooling tower cells should not be operated without all of the air inlet louvers properly installed. The air inlet louvers serve several important purposes including keeping airborne debris from entering the tower and minimizing water loss caused by high winds.

The louvers in the ADVANTAGE cooling tower cell are friction fit into position. They can be removed without tools for inspection of the tower sump.

If your cooling tower is or will be located in an extremely windy location or if you want your louvers to be less easily removed, ADVANTAGE recommends the use of a simple physical louver retaining system as described below. This retaining system can be factory or field installed.

All parts described below are available at any local home improvement store.

retaining system for tower cell louvers

For more information about cooling tower systems and inlet louver retaining systems call the Advantage Sales Department at 317-887-0729.

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