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Recommending and Selecting a Pump

Process Pump for Sentra tempterature control Units

Selecting a pump for process flow is critical for effective heat transfer and for getting the most out of Advantage equipment.

To optimize system performance, systems should be designed with a low pressure drop in the flow delivery system so that adequate pressure is available to deliver high flow and turbulent conditions in the process.

This is accomplished in practice by having properly sized delivery piping systems that keep water velocities between 5 and 7 feet per second and pressure losses to less than 3 psi per 100' of run.

It is also important to minimize the use of unnecessary tees, elbows, valves, and other high pressure drop causing components such as quick connect fittings.

Laminar and turbulent flow conditions can exist in a process. It is important for heat transfer that turbulent flow exist through the process while laminar flow is acceptable and desirable in the delivery system. See FYI #156 for more information on Turbulent and Laminar flow.

Turbulent Flow Chart
This chart can be used to help estimate the water flow rate required for a process in order to obtain turbulent flow conditions which promotes heat transfer.

System Performance Curves
Example: a mold has ten (10) 3/8" ins/outs. To be turbulent, each 3/8" in/out should have 2.5 gpm. Therefore, 25 gpm is required. A 3/4 HP pump (like in an SK-1035LE) rated for 35 gpm is the correct machine for this application.

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