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Diagram showing new heater wiring schematic for Sentra units manufactured prior January 1, 2011 Diagram showing new pump wiring schematic for Sentra units manufactured prior to January 1, 2011 Diagram showing new transformer wiring schematic for Sentra units manufactured prior to January 1, 2011 Typical motor overlaods for Sentra units manufactured prior to January 1, 2011

Voltage Change : Sentra Temperature Control Units Manufactured Prior January 1, 2011

Voltage Conversion Procedure

For a field voltage conversion, the following items will required replacement or rewiring. Contact the Advantage Service Department for the proper replacement parts.

  1. Disengage process operations according to the procedure outlined in section 3.4 of the operations manual. Typically, this requires reducing process temperature below 55°F, discontinuing operations and dissipating all system pressure.
  2. Follow proper lock-out/tag-out procedures to disengage the main electrical power supply.
  3. Remove the stainelss steel lift-off cover panel.
  4. Locate the heater. Most Sentra units use a single heater mounted in the discharge cylinder. Shome units may use a heater in both the discharge and suction cylinders. Mote that all heaters must be rewired. Remove the cover plate to the heater junction box and note the current wiring installation. The new installion is show in Figure A.
  5. Open the electrical panel cover to locate the electrical motor. For convenience and greater access area, the panel cover support straps and the instrument cables can be removed so the cover opens flat. Most Sentra pump motors are dual voltage. Note the current installation and the new installation according to Figure B.
  6. Locate the transformer mounted on the electrical panel. Note the current installation. A schematic printed on the transformer body details the new installation.
  7. Locate the motor overloads. The three overloads must be replacw with a set sized for the new voltage. Simpy unscrew the old set of overloads and replace with the new set.
  8. Once a voltage conversion is complete be certain the unit is properly connected to the new voltage supply as outlined in the operations manual. Restart the unit according to the operations manual.

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