Air-Cooled Outdoor Central Water Chiller 210 Ton Dual Zone
Made In the USA

Air-Cooled Water Chiller

Model: OACS-210D-MZC-2P

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Central Chillers

  • Advantage OACS air-cooled central chillers use mechanical refrigeration to cool recirculated fluid that support industrial process cooling applications.
  • 20°F to 70°F fluid temperature range.
  • OACS air-cooled water chillers use ambient air to dissipate process heat and efficiently runs in air temperature between -20°F to 95°F.
  • OACS systems are designed for outdoor installation in most types of climates. The air-cooled condenser, chiller zones, reservoir and pumping system are delivered as a complete package.
Water Chiller Air-Cooled Model : OACS-210D-MZC-2P
OACS-210D-MZC-2P shown with integral air-cooled condenser.

Image shown is typical. Actual unit apparance will vary according to specification and options.

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