Glycol Chiller For Brewery Distilleries | 65 Gallon Reservoir | 10 Tons
Made In the USA

Glycol Chiller : Air-Cooled

Model: BCD-10A-65G

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Brewery Chiller

  • Advantage BC Series air-cooled chillers use mechanical refrigeration to cool recirculating fluid that support industrial process cooling applications.
  • Glycol chillers are configured to produce fluid temperatures between 25°F - 30° using a mixture of water & glycol to prevent the fluid from freezing but can also be adjusted to produce fluid temperature as low as 20°F and as high as 70°F.
  • Air-cooled chillers use ambient air to dissipate the heat from the refrigeration system.
  • BC models are designed for indoor installation.
Water Chiller : 7.5 tons air-cooled
BCD-10A-65G (typical)

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